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Charleston's International African American Museum at Arrival Square

International African American Museum (IAAM) is a new museum of African American history and identity. Located on Charleston’s waterfront, the museum will tell the story of arrival, adaptation, perseverance, and triumph of the African American population who entered here, and who built a new culture that profoundly impacts the nation.

Arrival Square: The National Site of American Origins

Prior to the abolition of slave imports in 1808, about 40% of 645,000 enslaved Africans arrived in Charleston. Situated on the historic footprint of this major point of entry will be Arrival Square – a powerful and stirring heritage site. Featuring a striking interpretive park, a memorial, and events spaces, Arrival Square will be an emotional gathering place, and a deep testament to the lives of founding generations of African Americans.

Working with architects Moody Nolan Inc. and Antoine Predock Architect, and exhibition designers Ralph Appelbaum Associates, IAAM at Arrival Square has recently completed its concept design.

It is currently in further development, with an expected opening in 2017.